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Think of Your Inbound and Outbound as a DNA Helix

Inbound and outbound marketing are like a DNA helix.

Here’s why:

The 2 forms of marketing correlate and intertwine to build a successful marketing strategy.

You need great outreach to reach as many prospects as possible via cold emailing, cold calling, and other outbound marketing strategies.

And you also need to do content marketing, where you share your expertise to pique the interest of your prospects in your solution.

It’s like a DNA helix made up of 4 bases: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. And the strand always has a different mix of these bases to build unique code that makes us a successful living organism.

The same applies to your marketing – every campaign you will run will be unique.

You need to know how to utilize the components of inbound and outbound marketing to build the DNA helix of a successful campaign.

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