Time & Consistency Are Key to Successful Marketing

The #1 trick for marketing success is consistency.

Let's take Warren Buffett as an example here to understand the power of compounding:

Warren is the person everyone talks about when it comes to investing. He has been averaging a 20+ percent rate of return year over year.

The fascinating thing about his story is that he made more than 97% of his fortune after his 60th birthday.

There is another investor called James Simons - a real genius who has managed to triple Warren's ROI, averaging a rate of return of 66%.

Yet, he's nowhere near the fortune of Buffet because, unlike Buffett, he has not been investing for 7 decades, but for only 3,5.

The trick with compounding is not the ROI - it's time.
The same goes for marketing and content.

Can content marketing shorten your sales cycles? Absolutely.
Can content marketing bring you more customers? 100%.

But it won't solve all your problems overnight. It takes time. You have to do this day after day until the results roll in.

Finn and I have been creating content now for 2 years. And we see more and more the results of this consistency.

This is true for all marketing strategies:

If you're doing content marketing, stay with it.
If you're doing outbound marketing, stay with it.

Only the consistency of sticking to your marketing strategy will deliver the results that you need.