Translating Intuition into Tangibles - Why I Created Copywriting Guidelines

I have a decent intuitive understanding of what works on LinkedIn. That’s why I was able to build an audience of 20k+ followers organically.

But I was terrible at explaining it.

This became a problem as I started expanding the Project33 team and hired a copywriter.

When he asks me, "Why did you make these changes?"

I’d be like, "I don't know. I think this will perform better."

It was neither useful for him nor was it helping me – as I could never take myself out of the process.

So I'm currently building an internal guideline document where I force myself to articulate, "Why did I make this change?”

And then my copywriter can have a checklist of clear rules and guidelines when writing LinkedIn copy.It will always partly be a subjective, creative task, but at least there’s now a framework to follow.

When I recorded this video a week ago, it was a 15-page internal document. At this point, it’s over 40 pages long.

Maybe I’ll sell this as some point as a “LinkedIn Course” 😁

Right now, I’m just excited about the process of translating my intuition into tangibles.

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