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Treat Content Like Your Expertise Catalog

Business owners need to create a catalog of their expertise like artists do.

Here’s what I mean:

When I worked as a photographer (before I started traveling and eventually joined Project 33), I used to have a catalog that showed my best photographs.

It’s true for musicians, filmmakers, and all other artists because that’s how you show your expertise and build trust in the market.

Similarly, as a business owner, you should build a catalog of content around your expertise and share it on your social media and website.

For example, if you’re a serial entrepreneur who has built 3-4 businesses, you should create content around:
- What were your learnings from building your businesses?
- What are your 2 cents on industry trends?
- What is the industry vision you represent?
- Where can you positively disrupt the industry?
- How can you elevate others to do better?

➡️If you’re not leveraging content to talk about the solution you’re building, you’re like a photographer who never showcases their work to the world.

You’re basically non-existent!

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