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Understanding the 7 Hour Rule

The 7 Hour Rule:

Prospects need to spend, on average, 7 hours with you and your company before they’re able to make a buying decision.

In traditional sales, those 7 hours are usually achieved via multiple discovery calls, demos, back-and-forth emails, dinners, and other in-person engagements.

But you can leverage your content to work for you instead of doing it 1-on-1.

For example:

I have that experience all the time where we have this super-long 1.25 hr webinar-style video on our homepage where I walk people through:

- The exact process that we use to create content.
- How we leverage the content.
- Our story.
- Our case studies, etc.

And when people book a demo on our website, they have already spent some time watching the presentation.

So they can jump into some specific follow-up questions that they have based on that.

That’s how content largely automates the sales process for you.

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