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Understanding Who Is Engaging With Your Content

We recently started a new reporting process for our clients: Quarterly Deep Dive Reports.

I realized that we could do much more than our monthly content reports.

I want to collect more actionable insights from the content we’re producing for them.


- We want to know if the content we’re creating for our clients is reaching the right target audience.

- We want to see if the content opens doors for deep conversations such as follow-up questions from ICPs, not just comments like “Great video.”

- We want to create a list of all the 2nd-degree connections that fit their ICPs who engage with their content and then give them this list of people they need to connect to.

Thus, we can take advantage of the data we're collecting from the content and fine-turn our content strategy accordingly.

Currently, we are testing this out internally (as we do for all features before it’s out).

Eagerly looking forward to rolling it out for our clients!!!

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