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Watch This Before You Start Creating Content

B2B content creation is NOT easy!

Here’s why:

Content creation has become a trend.

“How do I get more clients?” Create content!
“How do I attract more talent?” Create content!

Everything has become about creating content.

While content does help you achieve those things, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

To create content that works, you need to know your solution and your customers’ pain points better than they do.

Otherwise, you’ll get zero results.

The other thing you need to understand is that content creation requires:

- a lot of work,
- the right strategy,
- the right resources, and
- time to get results.

At Project 33, we started creating videos in the most rudimentary ways and then developed the processes to create the right strategies.

Over time, we’ve polished our processes and made it so low touch that this is the most common compliment we get from clients:

“The best thing about what you do is that I just need to give 1 hour of my time every two weeks. That’s like 0.1% of my bandwidth to create great content!”

In summary, to make content creation work for you, you need to:
- know your industry
- find the right partner

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