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What Are Marketing Cycles?

The marketing cycle starts before the sales cycle. Let me explain:

A sales cycle starts when someone comes to you and says, “I’m interested in your product; let’s jump on a call to talk about it!”

After which, they sign the contract and close.

A marketing cycle starts when your marketing message reaches a prospect for the first time and ends when they knock at your door, wanting to buy your solution. This cycle begins *way* before the sales cycle.

So, a prospect first goes through the marketing cycle and then the sales cycle.

Now, can you shorten your marketing and sales cycle?

Yes. Through Founder-led marketing, you can create content and give enough information to reduce the time and communication prospects need to knock at your door and close.

In short, a marketing cycle starts when a prospect sees your marketing message and ends when they knock at your door to buy. This is also where sales cycles begin and end when the prospect signs a contract and closes.

Founder-led marketing shortens those cycles by providing enough information about your solution through content, which helps the prospect make buying decisions faster.

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