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What I’d Do as a New Head of Marketing

If I was hired as Head of Marketing at a growing b2b SaaS company, here's what I would do on day 1 ⤵️

1. I would convince my founder and CEO to record a weekly interview with me.

2. I would prepare and ask them questions about the company, the product, the market, and their expertise to extract their insights.

3. I would turn that interview into a weekly podcast by uploading the recording on

4. I would then clip the recording into bite-sized chunks, turn it into video, image and text posts and post them on my founder’s personal LinkedIn profile 5 times a week, Monday through Friday.

5. I would then use this content on other channels like a company-branded YouTube channel, a monthly company newsletter to grow the company brand alongside it.

6. After roughly 3 months, I would set up LinkedIn ads by building a list of our 50 - 100 dream customers, target the stakeholders within those companies that we sell into, and run the best-performing content from my founder towards them.

This way, we build trust and credibility in our market and create demand by educating target accounts on our company, perspective, and product.

7. Then, I would experiment by turning the content into YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Twitter content, Tiktoks, and website content to build SEO.

➡️ So that's what we have now started offering at Project 33.

So far, we have been focusing on video content and a cadence of 2 posts a week. But it makes sense to diversify the content type and post daily. That’s what I do for myself.

So in our new offer we:
- interview your founder and CEO once a week,
- create 5 pieces of content per week for them - including videos, text, and image posts,
- build the framework to repurpose that content on their Linkedin, YouTube, newsletter, etc.
- help them run this content as LinkedIn ads to create demand, build trust, and educate the market.

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