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What if LinkedIn Becomes Irrelevant in 6 Months?

A lot of people don’t start creating content and building an audience on LinkedIn because they worry “what if I start now and in 6 months from now I need to start from scratch because now TikTok is the place to be and I’ve wasted all that time?”

Here’s how to make sure your time on LinkedIn isn’t wasted even if LinkedIn becomes irrelevant in 6 months (it won’t):

1. You learn the skill of content creation. How to speak in front of a camera, how to communicate clearly and concisely, how to give good examples, how to write copy, etc. - all these skills are meta-skills that are transferable - you will need them no matter what platform will be the “cool thing” of the day.

2. The platform might change, what your customers care about does not. If you start now, you will learn what messages, topics and themes resonate with your prospects. Those are transferable, too. If I’d need to start over on Tiktok tomorrow, I might start out with 0 followers, but I’d already have a trove of topics that I *know* will resonate with our prospects.

3. Build a content library and save everything. In some cases, you might be able to literally re-use the exact content that you have already created. If you diligently save every piece of content, every video you’ve ever created and tag it based on topic, content type, etc. so you can easily find everything - you might be able to already start out with a library of content you can immediately use.

Remember, this content stuff is a journey. You don’t have to get the timing perfect, as long as you learn along the way - most skills and insights are transferable if platforms change.

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