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What Is Project 33?

Quick overview of what Project 33 does:

We are a small content marketing agency and we work with B2B founders to create 8 short-form, social-optimized videos per month for them to:

- Position them as subject-matter experts,
- Build trust and rapport with prospects at scale, and
- Shorten their sales cycles.


We don’t do things like most creative agencies. We have an engineered approach and follow a clear framework for this stuff, so you only spend 1 hour per week (max) to create all these videos.

The only thing you have to do be in the video and answer the questions we prepare for you. Because you’re the industry expert – we can’t do that for you.

But we take care of all the rest:
- Coming up with questions for you.
- Recording your videos together with you (remotely).
- Giving feedback and coach you to ensure you don’t ramble, give examples, include CTAs in every video.
- Making sure that your framing, lighting, and sound are good.
- Editing all the videos.
- Creating the thumbnails and subtitles.
- Writing the copy, so you have a standalone text post for each video record.


Once you approve the video and the copy:
- We publish the videos on your Linkedin profile and your LinkedIn company page.
- Upload them to a YouTube channel we create for you, do the SEO, tagging, and description.
- Send out the best-performing videos to your email list every 2 weeks to stay on top of mind with prospects.


We also organize and upload all the content we create in a dedicated content library we set up for you, so your marketing and sales team can access and further leverage these videos, eg:

- Upload them on your website,
- Use them in your email and follow-up sequences,
- Use them in hiring funnels and landing pages,
- Use them in your ads
(We can help with best practices and frameworks)


Our process generally works if you’re a B2B company and:
1. You have product-market fit
2. You’re selling a complex, explanatory product or service
3. A new customer is worth at least $10k to you (ACV)
4. Your sales cycles are long (3-12 months) and complex (multiple stakeholders, complex buying centers, etc.)

If this sounds relevant, let’s talk.

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