What Is Project 33?

What is Project 33?

We are a content marketing agency that helps B2B founders create 8 short-form videos (1-5 min long) per month, to share their knowledge and expertise, while only spending 1-2 hours per week on it max.

Why would a founder want to create and post videos?

- To grow your personal brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
- To demonstrate to potential customers and investors that you know what you're talking about.
- To build trust at a scale, so you shorten your sales cycles.

We have an engineered approach to content. We don’t like doing things the way most creative agencies do things—no nebulous processes, no “branding exercises”, no content briefs and brainstorming sessions, no unpredictable costs.

All you need to do is show up to our recording sessions once every 2 weeks and answer our questions.

We take care of all the rest:
- Coming up with the topics
- Recording with you & making sure you follow video best practices
- Editing the videos
- Creating thumbnails and captions
- Writing the copy
- Publishing the content on Linkedin, Youtube, etc.
- Creating a content library for you to further leverage those videos on your website, outbound, etc.

You and your team only have 3 touch points with us:

1. The recording session that happens once every 2 weeks on the same date at the same time, max 1h. Only you, the founder, can do this.
2. Approving 4 videos every 2 weeks, which takes up to 1h. One of your team members can do this for you.
3. You need to answer any messages and comments the content might generate. We don't go into your inbox. A team member can do this.