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When Does Our Process Work for Your Company?

Our process doesn’t work for all companies.

So here are the 5 criteria of the cases where our offer has shown to work best:

1. You’re a B2B company.

2. You’re selling an explanatory, complex solution.

That means it’s not a simple $30 SaaS tool or a physical product where a picture explains what it is.

It’s explanatory – it takes time for your customers to understand what you do, how it works and there are many different parts and layers to what you’re selling.

3. You have product-market fit.

We market your solution through the videos we create for you. So it’s important that you’ve built your solution and confirmed that people want it.

Practically that just means that you’ve successfully sold your solution around 15 times or more.

4. A new customer is worth $10,000+ to you.

That’s so we can generate ROI in a reasonable time frame – because our service isn’t cheap.

For example, if a new customer is worth $200 to you, you can already calculate how many leads and customers you’d have to generate to get ROI from our service. It’s not realistic within 6 months.

That’s why our process works better the higher your ticket-size.

5. You have long sales cycles and complex buying journeys.

Your average sales cycle is 3+ months long, and there are multiple stakeholders and decision makers involved throughout the buying journey.

That’s when our process starts benefiting companies more and more because you can now distribute all the different bits of nuanced information about your solution, how it works, how to implement it, etc. – so that prospects can educate themselves about you on their own time.

And you can build trust on autopilot, ensuring that your prospects can validate your subject-matter expertise before booking a call.

➡️ Lastly, our process seems to be industry-agnostic.

We’ve worked with companies in software/tech, healthcare, construction, consulting, logistics, with agencies, and so on. As longs as the 5 criteria are met, it seems to work.

To recap, our process works best when:
1. You’re a B2B company
2. You’re selling an explanatory, complex solution
3. You’ve sold your solution 15+ times (product-market-fit),
4. You have high ticket-size ($10k+)
5. Your sales cycles are long and complex.

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