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Where We Distribute & Publish the Content for Customers

We publish the videos we create for you in 4 places:

1. Your personal LinkedIn profile
2. Your company’s LinkedIn page
3. A company Youtube channel (if you don’t already have one, we’ll create one for you)
4. A twice-monthly newsletter with the best performing videos of each 2-week period (we write the copy and send it to your list via your email software)

Then we also create a content library for you with links to the:
- the copy file
- Meme video file
- Youtube video file
- thumbnails for each
- SRT caption file
- published LinkedIn and Youtube video

With this content library, you can easily search, filter and sort videos by topic, category, publish date, etc.

You can give your team access to this library so they can further leverage your content in additional ways, for example:
- embedding them on your website
- posting on other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
- running ads on best performing videos to generate demand
- sending them in prospecting & follow-up emails

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