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Why AI Will Not Replace Copywriters

Will AI replace copywriters?

Not yet. Here’s why:

There are many nuances to consider when it comes to replacing the human touch.

Like grasping the tone of a person, which is complicated because we all write in different ways.

That said, AI can aid copywriters by making writing easier by giving them a clear starting point.

And ghostwriters will especially benefit because all they have to do is polish the AI-generated content and get the tone of the person they’re writing for.

But I might be completely wrong about this technology because it’s new and might end up killing copywriters.

However, the gossip over AI replacing copywriters reminds me of a similar one when self-checkouts came out:

People used to think that they would replace cashiers.

But 2 decades later, we still have cashiers at the supermarket and departmental stores along with self-checkout lines, because we need someone to fix every error the machine prompts.

So, it’s an aid to the original profession.

All that to say: AI will not replace copywriters; it’ll only aid them to take on more work and provide more value faster.

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