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Why B2B Companies Should Consider Influencer Marketing

Have you ever thought about leveraging influencer marketing for your b2b company?

It's a great way to drive awareness and engagement for your brand.

Take @Bravado, a tech-enabled B2B company that provides a marketplace where people can hire salespeople.

They hired a creator on LinkedIn, who goes by the name @Corporate Bro, to be their head of community.

He posts hilarious, funny, sarcastic, and ironic videos on LinkedIn, and he's getting incredible engagement on his content.

By hiring him, Bravado is able to leverage his content to drive awareness for their brand. And this is something that more and more B2B companies will start doing.

There are many incredible creators on LinkedIn who have a lot of followers and get a lot of engagement on their content. And many of them don't have a lot going on.

Maybe they're freelancing on their own, have a little coaching business, are still in college, or are doing some marketing job on an average salary.

B2B companies can hire these people and help them create even more content to then associate with themselves.

This is a great way to drive awareness and engagement for your brand, and it's something that you should consider for your B2B company.

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