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Why Content Is Vital in Marketing

Marketing is impossible without content!

Because you need it to communicate marketing messages to your audience to pique their interest in your solution and make the buying decision.

Whether you do that through slogans, cold emails, videos, or graphics, it’s all just content.

I understood that back when I used to create experiences for big companies like Porche AG and National Football League (NFL) as a photographer and videographer.

So, when I started Project 33 with Finn, I used my industry experience to help B2B SaaS founders create videos to build their brand.

But why videos?

Because they are the easiest and most direct medium to communicate the value of your solution, what it does, and its benefits to your prospects.

So, they understand how you solve their biggest pain points, build trust with you, and make an informed buying decision.

But the point is:

If you want to market your solution effectively, content is key!

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