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Why Content Isn’t Working for You

“We don’t need content, we already have a blog.”

Most b2b companies think of content as an alibi…

…they write a blog post once a week and then re-share it on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and now they’ve just serviced all their channels. Easy.

But content is not something you just do. HOW you do something matters much more than WHETHER you do it.

For example, just doing cold calls does not mean you’ll get business.

What matters is *how* you do those cold calls:
- Who do you call?
- What do you say in the call?
- How do you respond to their objections?
- How do you follow up when someone says they’re interested?

These little details are not just little details, they make all the difference. They will determine whether you get a customer every 10 cold calls or 10,000.

The same applies to content. It’s not just about posting *something*. It’s about:
What do you say in the content?
Is it new and relevant to your prospects?
Are there actual, deep insights in it?
Where do you publish it? What’s the format?
How long is it? Is it engaging?
Do you follow best practices?
Do you have a good or a bad headline?

These little details make ALL the difference!

So when someone tells me that they already “do content” because they have a blog, I ask them:

“How is it working for you?”

The usual reply is, “I don’t know; we *have* it!”

If you’ve been doing content for some time, let’s say 6 months because it takes time to build up, and you *don’t know* whether it’s working for you, it’s probably not. You should by now have some anecdotal evidence where a prospect told you that they reached out because they found your blog or video and found it interesting.

To create good content, you need an expert who *deeply* understands the problem, the solution, and the needs of your market to create the content – someone who can has real insights.

You can't just have your content writer stitch together a generic blog post by googling around a little.

➡️ Just doing content won’t get you results.

You need to take care of the little details to get results.

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