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Why Content Marketing Isn’t Just About Generating Inbound

Content marketing isn’t just inbound marketing.

I see people conflating these terms all the time, and it’s misleading.

Yes, putting out content helps generate INBOUND leads. But if that’s all you focus on, you’re missing out on 80% of the story.

Here’s what content can do for you (other than generating inbound leads):

1. Shorten your sales cycle:
If done right, your content builds your authority, trust, and rapport at scale, shortening the time you need to spend with a prospect to close them.

2. Lower your CAC:
Providing multiple touchpoints, you need to spend less on ads to convert the same amount of people.

3. Increase your close rate:
People already know you and your brand before they hop on the first call with you. Because you already have rapport, more deals will close.

4. Attract the right talent:
There’s always a pool of people who want to work with you because they are aligned with your principles and company culture through the content you share.

At Project33, we get most of our clients through content marketing or referrals, and everyone I talk to on sales calls already knows me.

Disclaimer: We are a content marketing agency, so of course, I’m biased here 😂

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