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Why Content Might Not Work for You

Here’s a reason content might NOT work for you:

You don’t have a process to ensure consistency, so your content never builds up momentum.

A pattern I see for many founders when they start posting content on LinkedIn is:
- They create great content and post it 2-3x/week.
- They write or record and edit the content by themselves.
- Then something urgent happens in the business (a fire to put out, people to hire, a new funding round to close, etc.), so they drop the content because it’s not the #1 priority
- They stop posting for 2 weeks because they don’t have the time and headspace for it
- Thus it’s a constant start-and-stop cycle and they are never able to pick up the momentum that gets the results.

To solve for this, you need to create a streamlined process to remain consistent.

But, process ≠ people.

You can’t have your marketing person or a content writing agency write content for your personal brand.

- They aren’t experts in your industry - you are. So the insight should come from you and not Google.
- They can't match your tone of voice so that content doesn’t sound like you.

So you end up with generic, crappy content that doesn't position you as the thought leader.

Or you end up spending a lot of time micromanaging, which leads you to the same place - dropping the consistency.

Here are some ideas of how an effective content creation process looks like:

- You can do an internal weekly team meeting where you discuss what's happening in the market. Record that and use it as a podcast, then have a team member create micro clips from it.

- You can record all your sales calls and use that as content (the part where you talk and answer questions).

- You note down all your ideas during the week and then batch-record 5 videos every Friday.

Whatever process you choose, you need to figure out how to batch content creation and hold yourself accountable to show up.

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