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Why Creating Content Is Crucial for SaaS Founders

“How will content help me as a B2B founder who deals in an enterprise-level SaaS solution?”

For context, your solution is built for a niche industry that has many aspects. Therefore, it has a high level of personalization, enabling it to solve complex problems for most companies within that industry.

But there’s a problem:

It is tough to communicate all the nuanced personalization features of your solution to your prospects.

That’s where content comes into play.

You can create content around your solution’s features to showcase them with tangible examples, so your prospect can understand *how* it helps them achieve a high level of personalization.

That won’t happen by simply mentioning “Fully customized solution that can fix all your problems” on your website.

Further, you can also leverage content to do 2 things:

1. Shorten your cycles

Your salespeople won’t have to explain your solutions as much since your prospects can educate themselves by consuming those content pieces on their own.

So, both of their lives will be easier, and the prospects will convert faster.

2. Build a road map

You can use content to invite your customers and prospects, talk about how you are building your solution, and ask them what new personalizations they’d like to see.

That will help you gather enough feedback to build a solid road map!

In summary:

Content helps you tangibly demonstrate all the personalization features your product offers to your prospects, shorten your sales cycles, and gather feedback to build a solid roadmap.

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