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Why Every B2B Company Should Have a Newsletter

Stop annoying your prospects with follow-up emails.

Do this instead:

Whenever you have a sales call and the person doesn’t close for whatever reason, ask them if you can add them to your monthly email newsletter that teaches people how to do X - and X is whatever they reached out to you about, the problem you solve.

More than 50% of them will say “Yes.”

A newsletter does 2 things:

1. It builds goodwill.

Because you’re genuinely sending them valuable content that helps them do their job better, instead of sending annoying follow-up, “checking-in” emails (how to create content that *actually* adds value is another story).

2. You stay top-of-mind.

Let’s say, 6 months from now, they are ready to buy your solution because the problem has become big enough or they have the budget now.

You’d be the first person who’ll come to mind because you’ve been consistently adding value to them.

Here’s how we create a newsletter for customers at Project 33:

We create 8 videos/month for them that go out on LinkedIn and Youtube.

Then we take the best-performing video of each 2-week period, write the email copy, and send it to their email list 2x/month.

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