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Why It’s Hard to Create Content by Oneself

"ACTION. Go!" ~ "emmmm… so our product… emmm …"

Does recording videos feel like this? Here’s why:

There’s a mental block we face when recording videos.

And it has nothing to do with our abilities.

We see this with our clients.

These accomplished founders and CEOs know their stuff, understand their process, and how to sell it to their clients.

However, when it comes to creating content for themselves and putting that information out there, they struggle.

2 reasons:

1️⃣ They don’t have a bird-eye view of their process:

They find it difficult to step outside of what they do everyday and talk about it.

For example:

I find it difficult to ideate content for myself even though that’s what I do for our clients most of the day.

It’s the same thing for our clients.

2️⃣ We’re second-guessing ourselves:

"Am I doing the right thing?"
"Is this correct?"
"Is that…?"

That’s why people are so good when they are on a podcast but get stuck when they have to record the same thing by themselves.


➡️ Have people around who can:
- ideate and ask you insightful questions,
- give you feedback while recording, and then
- take care of post-production tasks like cutting the video.

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