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Why It’s the Founder Who Does the CNBC Interview

If your company gets an interview on CNBC, who do you send? Your Founder & CEO or your Head of Content?

You’d obviously send the founder/CEO. Why?

Because you’d want to send the person who can talk most authoritively about your company, your product, your customers, the markets and where things are headed – because your investors and future customers might be watching the interview.

Now, AFTER the interview, your Head of Content can make sure that theinterview gets republished on your social media pages with the right hashtags,gets embedded on your website in the right places, get used in your advertising etc.

But the person *in* the content should be the Founder and CEO because they have the expertise.

Somehow people forget this when deciding who’s going to be in their LinkedIn, YouTube, and company website videos.

They think it’s the responsibility of the Head of Content because that’s what they were hired to do - to do content.

But the content on your website and social media will be seen by thousands of people over a long period of time.

Probably MORE people will see your website video than the CNBC interview – and it’s the SAME people: your investors, your future customers, etc., so why would you treat it differently?

That’s why at Project 33, we have the founder, CEO, CMO, or someone from the leadership team in the videos we create for our customers.

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