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Why It's the Founder/CEO Who Needs to Fill out the Onboarding Questionnaire

It's the small things that make a big difference.

I realized it 2 months ago. Here's what happened:

When working with founders and CEOs, we make sure that our process creates the least friction for them.

We try to make our offer as low touch as possible, but there’s one thing they need to put in their time:

They need to fill out the onboarding questionnaire by themselves.

We had some examples where the marketing team filled it out, and it usually came back with a great deal of information.

But the perspective of the founder was missing.

It is the one thing we are looking for to create unique and authentic content that cuts through the noise.

That is why the founder has to be the person who fills out the onboarding questionnaire.

It's a small difference to our process but has a significant impact.

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