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Why Marketing Is Cheaper Than Sales

Sales generate revenue one-on-one; marketing does the same at scale.

Let me explain:

Traditionally, B2B companies service the whole buying journey through an SDR, BDR, and AE (basically salespeople).

They reach out to a prospect, have the first, second, and third call with them, and bring in other decision maker one-on-one to close the deal.

So it’s expensive because companies need to pay their salespeople salaries to spend time with prospects.

But it’s justifiable when you sell enterprise software with $40,000 ACVs.

On the other hand, marketing scales.

You do it once—run an ad, create a podcast, or write a post on LinkedIn—and you can reach hundreds of people.

B2C companies, for example, service their whole buying journey through marketing.

If you buy a $30 t-shirt on a website, you never talk to any salesperson.

Instead, you see a couple of ads, go to the company’s website, read the t-shirt description and the refund policy, and then self-checkout.

So it’s cheaper because there is no sales involved here.

That’s why B2B companies should implement as much marketing as possible to scale their communication along the buying journey to shorten deal cycles and reduce costs.

As they won't have to do *everything* through salespeople.

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