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Why Most Creative Agencies Suck

Most creative agencies suck.

Here’s why:

They believe that having a process is inherently uncreative.

As a result:

- They don’t follow a framework
- They start every project by brainstorming ideas from scratch.
- The customer has to spend a lot of time managing and training them.
- Projects blow up into something much bigger than expected and cost much more because they often bill by the hour.

Creative agencies need to get rid of the limiting belief that having a process would make them uncreative.

At Project 33, we have a very clear process to create videos for our customers.

That doesn’t mean that each customer gets the exact same thing.

It means that we follow a framework that helps us deliver results reliably without jumping around.

And over time, we keep on tweaking the process to make it better.

So yeah, I don’t believe having a process is inherently uncreative.

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