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Why No Marketing Person Can "Do It All"

STOP trying to find a marketing person who can do it all.

I saw a job posting last week where they wanted someone who could do SEO, SEA, Facebook ads, Google ads, content writing, copywriting, video editing, PR, analytics etc., etc.

Here’s the memo: This person DOES NOT EXIST.

Marketing has become so wide that you can’t find all the different skills in one person.

It’s like finding a programmer who is an expert for both frontend and backend, can program neural nets, and knows Python, PHP, JavaScript, and 5 other languages.

If someone says that they are great at all of these, they are lying to you.

In the best case scenario, you may find someone who has TOUCHED all of these different areas so that they can effectively delegate and manage the copywriter, the media buyer, the SEO gal, etc, but they won’t be good at all of them themselves.

You need to start with the right expectations - especially if you’re looking for your first marketing hire.

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