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Why Posting Memes and Tweets Won’t Get You Far

A lot of people on Linkedin focus all their energy on posting a bunch of memes or tweets or cute pictures. That’s their whole content strategy.

And it works great… in terms of engagement.

Memes and pictures get you high engagement, but–and here’s the bad news–they won’t convert customers IF you are in a B2B environment.

Here’s why:

It doesn’t build trust with your prospects.

I had a call with a prospect last week selling high-ticket services.

He was posting memes and pictures 3 times a week and getting around 70 - 150 likes on each post. Good stuff.

So I asked him:

“Why do you want to spend a lot of money to create videos with us when you clearly already have a working process and your content is getting good engagement?”

He said that his posts are great for generating awareness but they are not building trust. People are coming to his page but they are not converting.

Here's the deal:

Memes, screenshots, pictures, and tweets are great for creating awareness because they are easy to engage with.

It literally takes you 3 seconds to read one sentence or look at a picture to be like, “oh, that's cool.” - Like.

But people won’t spend $30,000 on your software or consulting because of it.

You need long-form content with actual meat in it so that people can see that you know your stuff.

This is where videos come into play. (or white papers, etc.)

It’s true: SME videos create less engagement because watching a 5-min video about a specific topic is a commitment.


That’s the only way your prospects can see that you understand the complexity of the problem, your solution, the market, where things are heading, etc.

It’s great to have high-engagement content in your mix.

But if you are in a high-ticket b2b environment, you can’t get away without creating long-form content.

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