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Why You Aren't Getting Results From SEO Agencies

Is your SEO agency creating bad blog content for you?

Here’s why:

You are outsourcing 100% of content creation to them.

No one understands your industry, your target buyers, your solution, the problem you solve, better than you do. A content agency might be able to do some research and some Googling about your industry, but they will never gain the 5 or 10 years of industry experience that you have. And you can’t fake thought leadership.

So a blog/SEO agency can only write very general, surface-level content for you.

That’s why, when we create content for companies, we always have the founders in the videos.

Here’s what the process looks like:

- We have an onboarding process to understand their ICPs, their problems, etc.
- We use that to come up with pointed, relevant questions.
- We have the founder answer those questions on a recording call.
- We then edit the videos, caption them, create the thumbnails, write the copy, etc. - everything the founder themselves shouldn’t be doing.

If you want to take content creation in-house, don’t have your marketing person write the content.

Have them interview you, record it or take notes, and create content based on it.

The insight needs to come from you (or another thought leader in the company).

That’s the only way to create content that cuts through the noise and positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

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