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Why You Can't Outsource Subject-Matter Expertise

NEVER outsource subject-matter expertise. Here’s why:

No one understands your market, your customers’ pain points, your product/service, and the problem you’re trying to solve better than you.

If you 100% outsource your content creation, it's never going to resonate with your target audience.

The core ideas need to come from you and THEN you can have a content team to put them together in the back end.

These are the tasks you CAN outsource:

- Copywriting IF you provide the key insights
- Editing and formatting the content according to platform best practices.
- Content distribution to Youtube, LinkedIn, your website, etc.

If you’re COMPLETELY delegating your content to some marketing manager or agency because you think it’s below you and you don’t want to spend even a minute on it, that’s ok.

But don’t be surprised if it then doesn’t drive any results.

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