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Why Your Audience Is an Asset

Having an audience is one of the most valuable assets in today’s world.

Here’s why:

Back in the day, you had to rely on a middle man – like the radio or the New York Times – to get the word out and communicate what you wanted to communicate as a company.

Because they owned the distribution. They owned the audience.

You had to pay and pray to be able to tell the world about your product or venture.

Now, you can do that on your terms by building an audience of your own.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 500 people or 500,000 people. (You don’t need a lot as a B2B company.)

But it takes time to grow an audience.

A real audience. DON’T buy followers or email lists – that’s not an asset. That’s a liability because it can ruin your reputation.

You want your followers or subscribers to say:

“I like what you’re doing, and I find your content valuable/entertaining/insightful. I want to see more of it.”

That’s a real asset because you won’t have to rely on the media or press to get your word out anymore, which is an upside that compounds in the long term.

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