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Why Your Marketing Efforts Aren’t Scaling

Think of a marketing strategy like this:

It’s long-term and has a compounding effect.

So, if you invest 1 dollar daily in your marketing, your growth will be slow initially, but if you wait long enough, it’ll shoot up!

But because of the large selection of strategies, marketing teams look at superficial data and keep jumping from strategy to strategy, draining their resources without seeing any actual results.

Therefore, always consider implementing a marketing strategy as a long-term play. Ensure you assess data the right way to know if it’s working.

Also, understand that implementing a successful strategy will be a continuous process of change, refinement, and additions.

Take @Project 33, for example. We’ve done Founder-led marketing past couple of years by creating content, which helped us build trust with our prospects and get business.

But we also do cold emails and ads. We also have a podcast and multiple active channels, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Tick Tock, and YouTube.

Every strategy we implement is long-term.

So remember: if you don’t see results within 1-3 months, don’t scrap your marketing strategy. You’ll only flush your money down the toilet.

Be patient, and you’ll see a positive ROI through compounding.

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