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Our Video Tech Stack

What we use (and recommend) to create high-quality video content:

1. for recording videos remotely - you can get up to 4K resolution

2. Favorite webcam: Logitech Brio

3. Favorite microphone: Blue Yeti Mic

4. to transcribe videos

5. Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos. Great low-tech alternatives: Descript or Milk Video

6. to get human-generated captions

7. Our Copywriting Guidelines to write the copy

8. Grammarly Pro to check spelling & grammar

9. SHIELD for Linkedin analytics

10. Notion to create a content library to easily tag, search, and filter content so you can repurpose it down the road. You can get our template here


11. Linkedin to distribute videos in front of key decision makers


12. Youtube to host all videos publicly

13. Drip to distribute best performers in email campaigns

14. Wistia to embed key pillar videos into website

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