Project 33 helps B2B tech & service companies solve content marketing through founder personal branding


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How to create a seamless process to churn out helpful content at scale and leverage the founder's personal brand to generate inbound leads, shorten sales cycles, and lower customer acquisition cost

Presented by: Finn Thormeier

Project 33 Foundations & Thesis

Process Flow Chart

Copywriting Guidelines

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Why content?

Generate leads & media opportunities

Distribute educational content to create awareness and generate inbound opportunities.

Attract talent

Share your company's story, mission, and culture to attract the right talent.

Shorten your sales cycles

Build trust and authority at scale to shorten your sales cycles.

Find new channel partners at scale

It's time-consuming to find the right channel partners, so have them find you.

Increase your win rate

Build rapport and turn cold prospects into warm leads before you hop on the first call with them.

Nurture leads on autopilot

Always stay top-of-mind with your current leads, opportunities, and previously lost deals. 

Lower your CAC

Build thought leadership and brand affinity to gradually lower your customer acquisition cost.

Build an audience

Build one of today's most valuable assets. Don't rely on others (press, etc.) to get the word out anymore. 

100% remote and WFH compatible

All you need is a laptop, an HD webcam, a microphone, and an hour per week for us to be able to create your content.

We use software similar to Zoom (better video quality & privacy) to record your videos with you.

Our process is 100% remote and work-from-home compatible. Create your content from anywhere.

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Our team

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Video Editor

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Case studies

Philipp Ströhemann, Founder & CEO at ComX

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