We help B2B SaaS companies build profitable Founder-Led Content Machines. Build awareness, trust and credibility at scale by turning your CEO's expertise into content your prospects care about.

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Founder-Led Marketing - Process Flow Chart

Why leading CEOs believe in Founder-Led Marketing

Chris Walker

Founder & CEO at Refine Labs

Peter Caputa

CEO at Databox

Before vs After Founder-Led Marketing

You don't have visibility and awareness in your market

Lead quality isn't good

Building trust & credibility with customers is crucial, but there is no systematized way to do it

You know that video is important and competitors are doing it, but you don't have a way to do it consistently

Your current lead channels are becoming less efficient and profitable

Prospects know about you long before they talk to sales

You have a predictable stream of high-intent, high-quality leads knocking on your door every month

You're building trust & credibility at scale that makes you to go-to option in your market

You're effortlessly producing new video content every month that builds customer trust

You're opening up a completely new customer acquisition channel that compounds over time and lowers your CAC

Customer results

Philipp Ströhemann

Co-founder & CEO, ComX

“We are measuring that we are generating between 3-4 demos per week from LinkedIn”

B2B SaaS
Employees: 11-50
ACV: $60k

Lona Alia

Head of Revenue, SafetyWing

90 demos in 10 months from Linkedin and $178,000 net new ARR from $21k ad spend

B2B tech
Employees: 11-50
ACV: $20k

Kevin Bobowski

CMO, Siteimprove

“When we started, we had about five $100k deals in pipeline, right now it's over 50 or 60”

Enterprise Software
Employees: 51-200
ACV: $100k

You're in good company. The quality of the content, not the amount, determines the outcome in B2B.

Content examples
Pierce Buckley

Pierce Buckley

Co-founder and CEO at babelforce

"We noticed that if we're doing more [Linkedin] video stuff, it just works. But there's no way I could do it without this kind of program you guys have. I think a huge selling point for you guys is that you’re solving a really specific problem with a totally tailored solution for it and that’s really nice."

Indiana Gregg

Indy Gregg

Founder and CEO at Wedo

“Adding you guys to our go-to-market strategy relieved a lot of stress. We're producing regular Linkedin content every week, and that consistency and it being delivered on time is magical. I've never seen a more organized content provider service than you guys.”

Finn ThormeierFinn ThormeierFinn Thormeier

Meet Finn Thormeier, the founder and CEO of Project 33

Studied Physics & Philosophy in Germany before dropping out

Started building his personal brand in 2018 and grew his audience to 28k+ LinkedIn followers and 1,600 Youtube subscribers

Started Project 33 in 2019 to help entrepreneurs grow their personal brand

Grew Project 33 to a team of 10 people and $500k+ revenue on the back of his content

Interviewed SaaS leaders like Jason Fried, Chris Walker and Aleksandr Yampolskiy on his podcast

Helped over 38 B2B founders & execs position themselves as authorities in their space

Driving results like $4.5M pipeline for Siteimprove, $178k revenue on $21k ad spend for SafetyWing (8.3 ROAS), and 3-4 inbound demos every week for ComX's $60k product

Project 33 gets 70-90% of their customers from Finn's LinkedIn and we close $50k+ deals in under 4 weeks because prospects trust us

Currently lives with his wife and daughter in Berlin, Germany

Frequently asked questions

Can I see examples of content you created for people?

Sure, go all out.

How long does it take to get results?

Depends on your ACV and sales cycle length. After 1 month, we want to see positive signals (messages, comments, website visits, connection requests from ICPs). After 3 months, we want to see pipeline being generated (demo requests, qualified opportunities) that justify our fee.

What results can I expect from working with you?

ComX generated 3-4 inbound demo requests per week for their $60k ACV product after 1.5 months. SafetyWing generated 90 demos over the first 10 months for their $20k ACV product and $178k in closed revenue from the ads. Siteimprove grew their pipeline from 5 to 50 $100k deals in 4 months. These are results for dedicated teams with strong product-market fit and a clear buying persona. The full customer interviews are on our case study page.

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