Content Tech Stack. What we use (and recommend) to create high-quality content remotely.


Camera: Elgato Facecam Pro (best webcam on the market) + Elgato Camera Hub software

Microphone: Shure MV7 (best USB mic on the market)

Microphone arm (if necessary): Rode PSA1

Lighting: 2x Elgato Key Light Air + Elgato Control Center software

Software for recording videos remotely - you can get up to 4K resolution to transcribe videos

Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos. Great low-tech alternatives: Descript or Milk Video to get high-quality human-generated captions

Grammarly Pro to check spelling and grammar

SHIELD for LinkedIn analytics

LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find and connect with key decision-makers

Wistia to embed/host videos on your website

Drip to distribute best performers in email campaigns

Additional tools

Our Notion Content Library template to create a library of all your content assets for your team to easily search, filter and repurpose

Our Copywriting Guidelines to write the copy