90 demos in 10 months and $178k net new revenue on $21k LinkedIn ad spend

Here's the 7-step framework we implemented for SafetyWing (B2B tech startup, $20k ASP) to book 90 demos in 10 months and generate $178k in net new revenue from LinkedIn ads & 21k in ad spend (8.4 ROAS).

1. Pick the most suited Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the company

- Usually that's the founder/CEO

- In this case it was their Head of Revenue, Lona Alia

- Why? She has a lot of experience in the nomad and remote work space, which is where their product is situated

2. Develop content framework that drives demand

- We focused on 2 main content pillars: Product & Thought Leadership

- Product: What are the main pain points the product solves? Have Lona speak to each of them and how their product solves it -> create demand

- Thought Leadership: What topics do your customers care about? Have Lona share her perspective, key lessons & insights -> build trust & credibility

- We sprinkled in some Company & Personal content to build rapport

3. Create a content engine to churn out weekly content

- We prepared questions for Lona around our content pillars

- We interviewed her every 2 weeks for 1 hour to extract her insights

- Turned the recording & transcript of that interview into bite-sized LinkedIn posts

- Repeat bi-weekly for 2-3 posts/week or 8-12/month

4. Determine best-performers

- Do monthly analysis with Shield to determine which posts/messages resonated most with buyers

- Main metric: "total weighted engagements (TWE)" = likes + 2*comments + 4*shares

- Best-performer = any post with TWE > 1 standard deviation above the average (you can use other thresholds or just subject feeling)

5. Feed best-performers into targeted LinkedIn ad campaign

- Run towards 3 cold targeting groups

1. Top-down: target decision-makers with job title-based targeting (for them: Heads of HR of a remote company with 10-200 emp)

2. Bottom-up: target influencers with job function-based targeting (for them: anyone in the HR / Ops department of a remote company with 10-200 emp)

3. ABM: target a list of 50-1,000 hand-picked target accounts

- Retargeting layer: any website visitor, any LinkedIn company page visitor and anyone who engaged with the ads in the cold layer (50% video viewers)

6. Objective: in-feed consumption + wait for inbound

- LinkedIn campaign objective: Engagement

- CTA: Learn more

- Landing page: their product page (not a lead gen form, not a demo page)

- Tracking conversions: LinkedIn Insight Tag + UTMs + self-reported attribution

- We want to drive high-intent demo requests ONLY, not leads: by sending people to the homepage, we get people who are REALLY interested

7. Convert & optimize

- Total ad spend: $21,458

- Number of demos booked: 89

- Number of closed deals: 9

- Total revenue from closed deals: $178,972

- 38% of the demo requests were generated by just 1 ad

- Outliers driving most of the conversions is a common pattern, that's why you need a content engine to test new messages/creatives all the time


LinkedIn Ad Manager screenshot - $21,400 ad spend over 10 months and 89 booked demos

Hubspot Report screenshot - 9 closed deals and $178,900 booked revenue