“When we started, we had about five $100k deals in pipeline, right now it's over 50 or 60”

Here's how we helped Siteimprove launch a new product ($100k ACV - prev. $15-20k ACV) and go from 5 to 50 SQOs in just 4 months.

Here is the exact 6-step system we used:

1.Pick the most suited Subject Matter Expert (SME) within the company

  • Usually that's the founder/CEO
  • In this case it was their CMO Kevin Bobowski
  • Why? They are selling to Mid-market & Enterprise CMOs, so he could best speak to their pain points

2. Develop content framework that drives demand

  • We focused on 2 main content pillars: Product & Thought Leadership
  • Product: What are the main pain points the product solves? Have Kevin speak to each of them and how their product solves it -> create demand
  • Thought Leadership: What topics do your customers care about? Have Kevin share his perspective, key lessons & insights -> build trust & credibility
  • We sprinkled in some Company & Personal content to build rapport

3. Distribute in the right places

  • Linkedin was by far their most important platform
  • Why? That's where Mid-market & Enterprise CMOs spend their day, network and learn about new trends & products. We wanted to organically insert ourselves in that conversation
  • We repurposed the content on Youtube and email newsletters to add touchpoints

4. Measure what works & double-down

  • We used Shield to analyze which topics resonated most with their ICP
  • Main metric: Total Weighted Engagements = likes + 2comments + 4shares
  • Views or engagement rate are unreliable. You can use your own scoring system, just make sure it's consistent across tests
  • In this case, we realized that the topic of "turning marketing from a cost center into a revenue center" resonated, so we doubled-down and ideated more content around that idea/message

5. Leverage messaging with SDRs/BDRs

  • Besides the organic traction of the content, it turned into a Sales Enablement tool
  • The BDRs at the company would consume each piece of content from Kevin and test that messaging in their sales calls. Turns out, it worked
  • Because the content came from a CMO and they sell to CMOs, it helped them find resonance in real time and speak to their prospect's pain points more directly
  • Why not do it in internal Sales Enablement calls? That's not how people learn anymore, with a 1-hour power point presentation in the middle of the day. They learn in bite-sized 2-3min snippets, exactly the kind of content we shared

6. Convert

  • During our engagement, Siteimprove went from selling a $15-20k ACV product to selling a $100k ACV product
  • By telling the story of the product, connecting it up to value, building thought leadership, and scaling the messaging with their sales team, they went from five $100k deals to fifty $100k deals in 4 months