For B2B SaaS founders and executives

See how we're reliably booking an additional 10-16 qualified demos every month for B2B SaaS products with an ACV of $20k+ using this 7-step Founder-Led Marketing framework for LinkedIn

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Process: How to Book 10-16 Demos every Month for Complex B2B Products

Recap of the process

- Step 0: Technical Setup
- Step 1: Pick the most suited SME/thought leader in the company
- Step 2: Develop content framework that drives demand
- Step 3: Build a content engine to post weekly on Linkedin
- Step 4: Distribute in the right places to reach buyers + ENGAGE
- Step 5: Determine best-performers & double-down on what works
- Step 6: Feed best-performers into targeted LinkedIn ad campaign
- Step 7: Leverage messaging with SDRs/BDRs/Marketing

→ Book 10-16 Qualified Demos every month for complex B2B SaaS products

Philipp Ströhemann

Co-founder & CEO, ComX

“We are measuring that we are generating between 3-4 demos per week from LinkedIn”

B2B SaaS
Employees: 11-50
ACV: $60k

Lona Alia

Head of Revenue, SafetyWing

90 demos in 10 months from Linkedin and $178,000 net new ARR from $21k ad spend

B2B tech
Employees: 11-50
ACV: $20k

Kevin Bobowski

CMO, Siteimprove

“When we started, we had about five $100k deals in pipeline, right now it's over 50 or 60”

Enterprise Software
Employees: 51-200
ACV: $100k

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