Our Process has been engineered create high-performing marketing assets that build thought leadership, generate qualified pipeline and reduce CAC & sales cycle length — while being protective of your time.


Through our Onboarding Questionnaire and 1-hour Onboarding Call you give us access to the data we need to build your FLM Strategy.

Content Recording

We Make Producing content feels like having just another conversation with a prospect or team member — instead of feeling like being put on the spot and having to perform.

Content Production

Our team of expert video editors and copywriters create LinkedIn & Social media optimized content from each recording session.

Content Distribution

Our multi-channel content distribution strategy allows you to reach your prospects where they are.

Content Data Analysis

Our propitiatory content analysis and reporting allows us to identify the content that resonates most with your ICPs which we then turn into assets for LinkedIn Ads to scale your FLM strategy.

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