Our Process - FAQ


How does Content Marketing work?


The "7 Hour Rule": Your prospects need to spend, on average, seven hours with you and your offer before they are able to buy from you.


In traditional sales, those 7 hours are usually achieved via discovery calls, demos, back-and-forth emails, dinners, and other 1on1 interactions.


Content allows you to "automate" and scale this.

What is your process?

There are six steps we run every customer through:

1. Target audience definition
2. Content ideation
3. Style and thought leadership definition
4. Content creation
5. Content distribution
6. Iteration loop

Watch the video for details.

How do you come up with topics for me?

You're the expert, we're just a content agency. We never put words into your mouth, we make it easy for you to share your knowledge.


Our ideation process is based on a 50-step questionnaire you fill out once that gives us all the information we need to come up with good questions for you.

How do you record my videos? Who is in the videos?

You (the founder) will be in all videos. We record all your videos remotely once every 2 weeks.


It's you and someone from our team on those remote recording sessions who will direct the videos and make sure you don't ramble, give examples, include a call-to-action, and do all those little things that make the difference between an OK video and a good video.

What do the finished videos look like? How long are they?

You get two versions of each video that we record, according to best practices for different platforms.

Each video is 1-5min long, optimized for social.

Click here to see some examples of videos we've created for clients.

How do you write the copy? Who writes it?

For each video we record, we will also write a stand-alone text post based on the video.

This copy will be used alongside the video but can also be repurposed as a mini-blog post for example.

It's always based on what you say in the video, so the copy actually sounds like you.

Where do you post the content?

We publish your videos in four places, optimized for B2B:

1. Your personal LinkedIn profile

2. Your company’s LinkedIn page

3. A company Youtube channel

4. An email newsletter

We also create a content library so your team can further leverage your content on your website, in your outbound, in ads, etc.

How do you track metrics?

We create monthly reports with an overview of everything that was posted, including views, likes, comments, and engagement rate of every post.

Once per quarter, we create a deep-dive report that outlays what performed and what didn't. Based on that, we adapt your content pillars, topics, and presentation. How we define this is in the video.

We use a tool called SHIELD for tracking.


What's the time and resource commitment?

We need 1 hour of your time per week:

- You need to show up to our recording session every two weeks (ca. 1h long).

- You need to review and approve 4 videos and copies every two weeks (ca. 1h).

- You need to answer any messages and comments the content will generate.

That's it.

How does the onboarding work?

We usually sign 6-month contracts.

The onboarding takes 2-4 weeks.

Your first videos go live on your socials 4-6 weeks from contract signing.

Your main responsibility during the onboarding is to fill out our onboarding questionnaire (3-6 hours of focused time).

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