Case Studies

Philipp Ströhemann, Founder & CEO at

  • 50 people SaaS company (sales tech) based out of Berlin, Germany

  • Selling to SMBs in DACH area

  • Generating 1 demo per video, worth 500 - 1.000 EUR to them

  • Went from never finding the time to create content to pushing out 3 videos every week consistently without the stress and anxiety it used to cause him

  • Full testimonial:


Pierce Buckley, CEO and Co-founder at babelforce

  • 30 people SaaS company (no-code automation) based out of Berlin, Germany

  • Selling to large contact centers

  • Creating 8 high-quality videos every month that position Pierce as an expert in his industry while Pierce spends only roughly one hour per week on it total.

  • "We noticed that if we're doing more video stuff, then it just seems to work. But as you've seen there's no way I could do it without this kind of program you guys have."

  • "I think this is a huge selling point for you guys, and it’s that you’re coming to solve a really specific problem with a totally tailored solution for that and it’s a fairly common problem so I think that’s really nice."

  • Full testimonial:

Pierce Buckley.jpeg
  • Here is Jack Barton, Pierce's Head of Content at babelforce talking about his experience of working with us on the back-end:

Lisa Miller, Founder & CEO at VIE Healthcare

  • 25 people healthcare consultancy based out of New Jersey, US

  • Selling to hospital CFOs

  • Creating 8 high-quality videos per month that position Lisa as an expert in the healthcare industry while she spends only one hour per week on it.

  • "Those who come to VIE are going to be working with me, and it's nice for them to have an understanding of who I am and our team is and our values."

  • "Project 33 did an amazing job of making it easy to work with them and even on video day when I'm stressed, they make it very chill and easy and pleasant." 

  • Full testimonial:

lisa miller.jpeg

Karina Vazirova, Founder & CEO at KV Labs

  • Product UX design agency based out of London

  • Selling to high-growth fintech & regtech companies (Heads of Compliance, Heads of Risk, Heads of Innovation)

  • Recording videos used to be a "dreadful task" and taking Karina up to 6 hours per video to script the video, memorize it, have multiple takes to find the “perfect” one, edit it, write the copy and post it.

  • After working with us, recording videos turned into “an enjoyable process”. After our first two recording sessions, we continuously recorded 4 videos in under 30 minutes.

  • Full case study:

Karina Vazirova.jpeg
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Dirk Sebald, Founder & CEO at Deon Digital

  • 20 people technology company (blockchain tech) based out of Zurich, Switzerland

  • Selling to big enterprises in the finance and mobility sectors

  • 30,000 content impressions in the first month

  • Publishing 2-3 pieces of content every week while spending 4 hours per month on it

  • Adding 1,200 new valuable prospects to his network every month

  • Currently negotiating an 8-figure deal with a bank consortium

deon digital2.png

Nick Hague, Founder & Head of Growth at B2B International

  • 200 people B2B Market Research Company with global offices, based in Manchester

  • Selling to Fortune 5,000s with clients like Samsung, Microsoft, BASF, Salesforce, etc.

  • Sharing weekly insights to a highly targeted audience of key stakeholders while spending less than 2 hours per month

  • Generating 10+ new conversations with qualified prospects every month


Frank Grillo, Founder & CMO at Consentric Marketing

  • Former CMO at Harte Hanks, a 4,500 people marketing agency. Co-founded Consentric, a boutique marketing consultancy (Atlanta)

  • Selling to Fortune 5,000s in the retail space

  • Growing an engaged LinkedIn audience of now 12,000+ marketing leaders

  • Generating dozens of inbound leads of highly qualified prospects through LinkedIn

  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Project 33 for over a year. Finn is an intuitive personal brand marketer! He took the time to learn about me and the work I did and created a strategy and plan that has allowed me to communicate a message I am passionate about to prospective clients who are open and eager to hear it. You could not pick a better team to help you." - Frank Grillo


Finn Thormeier, Founder & CEO at Project 33

  • We eat our own dog food!!!

  • 6 people remote content marketing agency based out of Berlin

  • We use the same process we use for customers for our own content

  • 25k+ followers on LinkedIn, 15k+ followers on Instagram, 1.5k subs on Youtube

  • 5M+ content impressions on LinkedIn

  • Closing 5 figure deals in < 1 month

  • $38,000 in revenue (cash collected) in our first year of business in 2019 purely from LinkedIn inbound (no outbound or ads)

  • Broken through $100,000 in revenue in 2020, all only from content

  • Broken through $250,000 in revenue in 2021, 90% from content

finn headshot laughing.jpeg
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Jason Portnoy, Founder & CEO at JPORT MEDIA

“I knew that I needed to take my Personal Brand more seriously but running my business meant I never found the time. Having a team of content creators at my fingertips that can bring my thoughts to paper means I have content on-demand while freeing up my time. Through working with Project 33 I’ve generated dozens of new interactions with potential clients through LinkedIn that otherwise, I wouldn’t have access to.”

jason portnoy.jpeg
jport media.png

Sarah Hill, Founder & CEO at Perfect Strangers NYC

“I personally invested in Project 33’s services. Having worked with other agencies in the past who promised to grow my engagement and social media profiles with generic tactics without seeing any results, I made the jump to working with Finn and Project 33 after seeing the successful brand he had built for himself. As a CEO and founder, I have to wear many hats in order to build my business. I knew it was important to establish myself as an authority in my field, but I simply didn’t have the time or resources. Within the first month of working with Project 33, I started receiving more valuable connections on LinkedIn. My favorite part of working with the team is that they personalize your social media strategy and walk you through the steps to make compelling content."

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Thomas Despin, Founder & CEO at Reconnect

“I was sceptical whether LinkedIn was the right platform for my Personal Brand. Within the first month of working with Project 33 and putting out video content about my company, I had dozens of message of qualified people reaching out and showing interest. I got valuable introductions for the next stage of my company.”

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