Philipp Ströhemann

Co-founder & CEO, ComX

“We are measuring that we are generating between 3-4 demos per week from LinkedIn”

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Lona Alia

Head of Revenue, SafetyWing

90 demos in 10 months and $178k net new revenue on $21k LinkedIn ad spend

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Finn Thormeier

Founder & CEO, Project 33

"90% of our customers come inbound from Linkedin, we close $50k deals in < 4 weeks and generated $102k revenue from 1 LinkedIn ad alone"

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Kevin Bobowski

CMO, Siteimprove

“When we started, we had about five $100k deals in pipeline, right now it's over 50 or 60”

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Pierce Buckley

Pierce Buckley

Co-founder and CEO at babelforce

"We noticed that if we're doing more video stuff, it just works. But there's no way I could do it without this kind of program you guys have. I think a huge selling point for you guys is that you’re solving a really specific problem with a totally tailored solution for it and that’s really nice."

Indiana Gregg

Indy Gregg

Founder and CEO at Wedo

“Adding you guys to our go-to-market strategy relieved a lot of stress. We're producing regular content every week, and that consistency and it being delivered on time is magical. I've never seen a more organized content provider service than you guys.”