Lessons from Scaling from $1M - $100M ARR

“What should the CEO focus on when scaling from $1M to $10M in ARR?”

Here’s what Alex Yampolskyi (Co-Founder & CEO at Security Scorecard) had to say:

“There’s no playbook for being a CEO. It’s about your unique strengths. For example, I suck at financial P&L modeling, but always ensure it’s validated by my team.

Your priorities as a leader constantly shift, sometimes from week to week.

However, I always spent much of my time on hiring - and still do. The rest I usually spent on product development and customer support, resulting in long hours.

The central advice is: Work backward. After a seed round, consider what investors expect next. When discussing Series A, reverse-engineer from the valuation.

And break your revenue targets down further. Understand your average contract size to calculate the necessary customers to reach your targets.

With a set revenue goal, establish your marketing pipeline. Reverse-engineer to know your lead generation needs. By reverse-engineering, you know how many leads you need to reach your target number of customers and, thus, your revenue targets.

Progressing from Series A to B is all about strategizing numbers in reverse.”

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