$102k in 30 Days from 1 LinkedIn Ad

Last month, we booked $102,000 in net new revenue from 1 ad.

Here's the exact 6-step system we used:

  1. Create a content engine to post daily on my Linkedin
  • Ideate questions around our product, company, and expertise (b2b marketing & demand gen)
  • Weekly recording session with Tobias to answer the questions in a conversational way
  • Turn the recording & transcript of that conversation into bite-sized video, text and image Linkedin posts
  • Repeat weekly for 5 posts/week or 20/month - daily post
  1. Determine best-performers
  • Do monthly analysis using Shield to determine which posts & messages resonated most with our audience
  • Main metric: "total weighted engagements (TWE)" = likes + 2comments + 4shares
  • Best-performer = any post with TWE greater than at least 1 standard deviation above the average for that data set (you can use other thresholds or just subject feeling)
  1. Feed best-performers into targeted Linkedin ad campaign
  • Run towards 3 cold targeting groups
  1. Targeting ICP based on job titles, geography and company size for top-down approach (for us: any Founder or Head of Marketing of a software business with 10-100 employees)
  2. Targeting broad ICP based on job function/department for bottom-up approach (for us: anyone working in the Marketing, Sales, or Biz Dev department of a software business with 10-100 employees)
  3. ABM/account-level targeting: I created a list of 200 target accounts who are our dream customers
  • Retargeting layer: any website visitor, any Linkedin company page visitor and anyone who engaged with the ads in the cold layer (50% video viewers)
  1. Objective: in-feed consumption of the content + drive interested people to website
  • Linkedin campaign objective: Engagement
  • CTA: Learn more
  • Landing page: our website homepage (not a lead gen form, not our demo page)
  • Tracking conversions: Linkedin Insight Tag with 30-day "Last touch - Last campaign" attribution
  1. Wait for inbound
  • We want to drive high-intent demo requests ONLY, not leads
  • By sending people to the home page, rather than a lead gen form or a call booking page, we only get people who are REALLY interested
  • Installing self-reported attribution: most demo requests are not tracked by Linkedin Insight Tag, so make sure you have a qualitative way to attribute
  1. Convert & optimize
  • Current cost per qualified demo from ads: $200-300
  • In our case, 80% of the demo requests were generated by 1 outlier ad
  • Outliers driving most of the conversions is a common pattern we see, that's why you need a content engine to test new messaging & creatives all the time, to find your next outlier
  • Total ad spend here was $3,500, so that's a 30x ROI on revenue
  • $102,000 revenue generated is just the initial contract value, LTV is higher

➡ Btw, this is the exact system we implement for customers at Project 33. We like eating our own dog food.